Friday, March 26, 2010

March Blog Hop

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Our theme for March is "EASTER"

When my kids were little we used to make these candles at Easter time. We saved up candles and crayons during the year so we could use them. I had a helper with this challenge. This was his first year of making these candles.

Step 1:
Wash the eggs and dry them off.

Parent Step Only:--Step 2:
Poke a hole in each end. One end bigger than the other

Step 3:
Have someone blow the egg out

Step 4:
Rinse the egg out and let dry while you are melting the wax.

Parent only Step: -- Step 5:
Melt the wax. I save candles throughout the year and them put them in a plastic bag and heat in hot water on the stove. You can add broken pieces of crayons for color.

Step 6:
Use duck tape to cover the smallest hole at the bottom.

Parent Step Only--Step 7:
You will want to do this and not let a child as the wax is hot. I used the container that the eggs come in to stand the egg shell in.If you have a small funnel it works great to put in the top of the egg and pour the wax in until it is about 1/2 full.

Step 8:
Stick a birthday candle in the wax and let set for a few minutes.

Step 9:
Finish pouring the rest of the wax in the candle and then put them in the refrigerator to cool or leave them out overnight. We could never wait overnight.

Step 10:
Peel off the shell

Parent only step--Step 11:
Parent please do this: use a knife to shave off a little at the bottom so it will sit up. Then put then on a glass plate and lite them.

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Have fun and I hope you give this a try with your children or grandchildren.


Margo said...

what a cute idea - and fun for the kids to do!!!

Carla said...

Colleen, this is such a neat idea! All along I was thinking you were coloring the eggs, then I thought you were pouring the wax in designs on the egg, then, CRAYON EGG CANDLES! So cool!

Thanks for sharing your project today!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Not sure my 16-yo son would like it, but my 10-yo daughter would. My girl scout troop would love this activity as well. Thanks for sharing!

Fignie said...

VERY cute looking!!! :) Love it!!!

Liz said...

cute idea =D

Stephanie said...

What a neat idea and a great tradition! Thanks for sharing! And I just became a follower :)

Saxon and Jaedyn said...

awesome project!!! great idea for the holiday!

Linda said...

That's an awesome idea! The kids would love it!

Melissa said...

Wow, what a super cute idea!

Wanita said...

Such a cool idea! My 12yo wants to do this now :)

Carissa said...

Brilliant! I've seen this done with melted chocolate, but you have to boil the egg shells to sterilize them.

Jean said...

How cool is that!

Joni Kix said...

What a great idea! I wish I had known earlier. My son's birthday party is tonight. This would have made a fun Easter/Birthday cake!

joni said...

Cool idea!!! Thanks for the instructions!

Jean Marie said...

what a fun idea! TFS!

Shotqueen said...

Fantastic Idea...I definitely want to give this a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

Niki said...

Oh Colleen! this is an adorable idea! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Angel said...

This is awesome!!! I'm definitely going to try it with my kids. Thanks so much.

miagb said...

Great project. Thanks

Charlene said...

what a great IDEA!!!!

Diana said...

Great Idea. I did them a while ago, I hung mine, the candle idea is great.

Lizzy Simpson said...

What a wonderful idea - it is definitely going in my "idea file"! Thanks for sharing!