Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color Tour

Phil took me up north today for a color tour. I have always wanted to drive down the "Tunnel of Trees" and that is what we did today. It was just beautiful, Lake Michigan on the left and beautiful trees along a very narrow 2 lane road.


Anonymous said...


I love the pictures. Wow the one with the purple hue at the bottom is gorgeous.

Pat said...

Gorgeous pics Colleen!! I went leaf peeping today too. I love fall.
Your blog looks good.

Jackie Plank said...

Oh my gosh Colleen those photos are fabulous. We went last weekend but didn't get many pics, there just weren't any trees. Can't wait to see those scrapped LOL

BethieJ said...

Colleen WOW what BEAUTIFUL photos!! I would LOVE to take that drive!!!
Hope all is well!!!
Have a GREAT day!