Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog Challenge #4

Suzanne's blog challenge this week was to share a photograph taken this month and talk about it in detail.

Pretty easy, "The Old and The New". While the old house was a place I called home for almost 40 years (in July) the new house has very quickly become home to me. I am starting to get accustomed to all the new noises I hear and learn where they are coming from. Hey kids no creaks in the stairs. There are so many memories in the old house and no one will ever take them away and I know there will new memories in the new house. So while the old house sits empty waiting to find out what her future holds the new house looks over her every morning as a child watches over a parent.


Suzanne said...

Sniff, sniff... that is a wonderful photo Colleen, and you totally need to scrap that one! Hugs!

Jayne said...

Such a fantastic photo! Something you can always treasure!