Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suanne's Blog challenge # 31

Write about a topic you are in love with. Not a person...a thing. And since most of my readers are scrapbookers, lets just say that the thing you're in love with is NOT scrapbooking. ;-)

I am in love with the shower in our master bathroom. It was built with love and hardwork. Phil and I designed our own shower and spent many hours picking out just the right tile. Phil laid all the tile and I grouted all of it. It is great to be able to sit down to shave or put my leg on the seat to shave and not have to do a balancing act.

Suzanne, maybe when you come to Michigan and IF you are very, very nice to me, I might let you use it.


Jackie said...

Wow that sure is beautiful tile and I love the accessories as well. :)

Suzanne said...

It IS beautiful! Very elegant looking. Will you clean it before I come? :-P

Cheryl L. said...


GinniG said...

Great job on the tiling and grouting!!! Very pretty!!!