Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bond challenge

for a challenge on Sugar and Spice

in honor of my ex-MIL who wrote us this poem on Phil's and my wedding day, 8 years ago today.

Here is the poem:


You are very special to me Colleen
We’ve been friends for many years
Living life with smiles and laughter
And sometimes sharing tears.

You’ve called me “Mom” all these years
And I’ve loved you as my own
Blending love and strength with happiness
And because of this our love has grown

Sharing life with you
Was something precious, sweet and rare
We’ve treasured the richness of Gods love
And always willing to share

Do you remember when we stopped at the round bank?
Where you were sure I wouldn’t get lost
Such fun and happy times we had
In a world that held the most

I admire you for what you are
Through spunk and grit you’ve won
You’ve faced each task with courage
And never lost sight of what needs to be done

Time cannot crush the spirit of the past
Fond memories must live while life shall last

I may not have wealth or greatness
But I know what I’ve learned through life
That forgiveness is what must be shared by all
As we struggle life’s hardships and strife

And so on this, your wedding day, Colleen
No mother could wish you more
Than Phil’s strong arms and a new life awaiting
And with Gods blessings at your door

To smother care in happiness
And grief in laughter
To hold the present close
Not questioning hereafter
To have enough to share
To know the joy of giving
To thrill with all the sweets of life
Is living

Congratulations and the very best to you both

Love Mom Upton


GinniG said...

BEAUTIFUL LO!!! What does the poem say?

Suzanne said...

Colleen, that is just beautiful! Both the layout and the poem. Perfect page for that challenge. :-)

Christine said...

what a beautiful page!