Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suzanne's Blog challenge #38

What are your 'Seven Wonders' -- the seven most amazing things your eyes have seen? Describe the places, objects, people or accomplishments in your life that are the most meaningful and life-affirming experiences of your existence?

1. Four of the most beautiful grandchildren in the world. To see them after they were first born and to watch what they have become thus far, to me is just the most wonderful blessing in the world.

2. Las Vegas to me was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I felt just like a fairy princess while there.

3. The Hoover Dam was just awesome to know how hard the men worked to build this just blows me away.

4. This may be silly, but to be able to sit outside at night and look up and see the stars and the fireflies and the stillness is just incredible.

5. The island of Aruba and everything it has to offer. The beaches, water and terrain and of course the golf course there was just so awesome to play on.

6. Building our new house and all the hard work and love that went into it. I never dreamed I would have something so nice and to me it is a piece of art.

7. See the Mackinac Bridge for the very first time


Suzanne said...

Awesome job on the blog challenge. :-) Childbirth will probably be on every moms list of seven wonders. :-)

Christine said...

what a beautiful list, Colleen!