Monday, June 29, 2009

A couple of hours with Tyler

Last night, my son, daugther-in-law and husband went to the movie so I got the opportunity to take Tyler shopping. How fun it was to see things through the eyes of a 2.5 year old. Things that we take for granted are a new adventure to his eyes. We stopped at Target and there they have a section with some of the old toys I used to play and my kids played with. I showed him the Jack in the Box--to him it was the greatest thing in the world. We could have stayed the whole night and just played with that.

Sometimes we need these little ones to help us remember to a look at our life and not to always be so busy we forget the little things.

Have a great day and find something today that will make you think like a child again.

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Christine said...

That is so true, Colleen! I wish I'd be able to see through the eyes of a child again :) It's so easy to get caught up with grown-up things.

Have a great day!