Friday, September 24, 2010

Lovebug Scrapbooking's "INSPIRE US!" blog hop!!

Welcome to Lovebug Scrapbooking's "INSPIRE US!" blog hop!! Our blog hops
take place on the last Saturday of every month. Thanks so much for joining

If you just happened by this blog and didn't realize a blog hop was taking
place, please go back to Lovebug Scrapbooking and start the Hop. You won't want to miss all the inspiration from our members....... or the prizes :-)

Our theme for September is "THANKSGIVING".

I used material on this card and then hand cut the leaves at the bottom. Added a ribbon and a rub on. I love using material on my cards and layouts. If you haven't tried before, give it a try now.

This blog hop will run from today, September 25th until Tuesday, September 28th. We will be drawing for winners on September 29th on the Lovebug blog.

Here's the order for the hop:





Please follow me to win a prize. Also, please don't forget to check back to see if you won.


Carla said...

That is beautiful fabric!! Looks very nice on a card!

Alli said...

I was just about to type the same thing as Carla and I hadn't even seen her post yet!
ITA gorgeous fabric!

Stephanie said...

What a great idea to use fabric on a card! Nice job!!

Jackie said...

A beautiful card, I would never think to use fabric!

Lindy said...

Absolutely beautiful card. TFS.

Lizzy Simpson said...

I'm "following" you Colleen! LOVE the card you made - and I love the idea of using fabric on it. I love fabric, but since I don't sew, I have no reason to buy any. That was until now - now I DO have a reason to buy fabric, and in vast quantities (and my hubby thanks you, ROFLOL!).


wustaz said...

that is just gorgeous

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