Friday, December 29, 2017

Sharing 3 fun and easy ornaments to make

You know it is never too late or too early to get started on some ornaments.  Now these ornaments don't have to be used just for Christmas you can adapt these to use on gifts or other holidays so please give them a try.

Here are some cute hats that can be hung on a tree, used on gifts or even will fit a small doll.

You start with something you probably throw away every day, a toilet paper roll. Then cut it to the width of the finished hat you would like. Then you cut a length of twine. I used Divine Twine in Red and Black and Silver Divine Twine Metallic. Make a loop and put it through the piece of toilet paper roll you cut.   

Next step is just to put the two ends through the loop and pull snug. Keep doing this until you have the entire roll covered.

Once you have the roll covered, gather all your twine at the top and secure with a smaller piece of twine and double knot it.

You are done unless you decide to add more decorations to them. You could add gems, or pom pons or any other embellishment. This is why this is so much fun with children they can make it their own.


The next ornament is again something we all have just laying around outside and that is sticks. You just gather up a bunch of sticks and then cut them with sissors to have them all about the same length.

You start by using twine around each corner and make sure you double knot each corner. I used DivineTwine in Red.

When you are done just add more I used Divine Twine in Red  to create a hanger and your star is ready to hang on a tree or a gift.

Lastly, is a small lollipop that not only works on a tree, gift or even a card.

Start by punching out two 1 inch circles. Your circles could be any color you want but I started with white.

Now you need to get a sucker stick and cut it in half and glue it onto your circle.
Next cut a length of Divine Twine. I used Divine Twine in Red and make a loop and lay it on top of the sucker stick and add more glue and then put the second circle on top and wait for it to dry completely. 

 Now you put glue on top of the circle and starting in the center of the circle start winding your twine around the circle. I used Divine Twine Hemp in the red and white . Once I had both circle completed I used a little stickles to add some glitter look and the lollipop is done.

I hope you will give one or all 3 of these a try and have fun making them. Until next time, Colleen here saying have some fun creating.

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