Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Suzanne's Challenge #23

What's the first movie you remember seeing at a theater? Write about how you felt it... the movie, the big screen, the volume, the crowd, etc. Do you enjoy going to theaters now? What is the last movie you saw at a theater?

The first one I remember seeing was Old Yeller at the Maple Rapids theater. I remember we went with by brothers, Bruce, Brian and friends Pat, Chris, Denise. The boys set in the seats in back of us girls.During the sad part, my one brother reached up and used my scraf to wipe away his tears. They also had drawings during intermission and gave away silver dollars and I won 3 of them. I was so happy. It was also one of the first time our parents took us to the theater and left us kids all alone.

I don't like going to theathers now because sitting that long hurts my back. The last time I went was with my grandkids in GA and we saw the show Enchanted and I loved it.


Suzanne said...

Aww, how sweet! That is a sad movie. And your lucky streak continues today! LOL

JeanneLee said...

I remember seeing Jungle Book in a theater in Newark, Ohio with my brother and mom. The theater was in the towns square...and thats all I remember!